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Apik provides human-resources information system and solutions services such as payroll, online attendance, online training and HR recruitment test for any-sized business

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HR Digital Transformation
in Your Company

Digital transformation can be started by reducing the burden on the company. One of the routine expenses is the cost of managing HR administration such as onlibe attendance, calculating salaries, calculating overtime, employee leave to HR recruitment tests.
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Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik

We Create Digital Products for Your Business Solution

Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Website Development
As an expert website builder, Apik accepts website development with low, medium, high complexity and any type of website such as online stores, company profiles, and any other.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Mobile Application
Apik as a professional digital company cannot be separated from making mobile apps. Our mobile development team will be able to turn your ideas into an apps that are loaded in Google Play and the App Store.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Information System Development
In addition to website development, our expertise is also in information system development. With our professional team, system analysts and developers, we are optimistic that we can present a powerful and effective system information.

Why Choose Us

We are trusted in various places and companies because we have
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Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Prioritas Pada Kualitas
Quality Priority
We are committed in quality. That makes our website give an impact on your business.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Dukungan Penuh
Full Support
We have customer service that ready to serve complaints, criticisms and problems with our digital services.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Solusi yang Terintegrasi
Integrated Solution
Our digital work is not just 'finished' but also focused on solving your company's problems.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik Tim yang Kuat
Strong Team
Our development team has been trained to enterprise standards, problem solving, discipline and staying focused on quality.
Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik

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Asta Pijar Kreasi Teknologi - Apik

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