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The price for website creation starts from <code>Rp. 5,000,000</code> for a simple website. However, for a website with more complete features we can adjust customer requests. The price of a website can be measured by complexity and the desired function.
For simple website packages, it can be done for <b>1 month (30 working days)</b> after we get the content (images, descriptions, logos). Meanwhile, websites that have full features (professional) usually require time <b>8 - 12 weeks</b>. Estimated processing time depends on the level of complexity of the website's features and functions. Before starting the website work, Apik will <b>provide a timeline for website work</b> to the customer.
Of course you can. All websites that Apik does for customers will be accompanied by an admin panel, where you will be very easy to add, replace or delete your website content.
The price we offer for website creation includes domain rental and hosting for 1 year. Also includes maintenance (maintenance, checking, repair if there are bugs) for 1 year. high complexity.
Yes. Provided you still have access to the management of the domain.
What you mean is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on a website. Every website work from Apik is designed as good as possible so that Google and other search engines can easily browse the contents of the website. This is a basic SEO technique that we apply it to the customer's website. <br>If you want advanced SEO services (SEO professional), you can talk to us. Of course it will increase the cost of website creation.
For the sake of reliability and smooth access to each website, we use the best hosting located in Singapore and the United States.
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